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People living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) need to seek information on set of all-encompassing phenomenon which include information on medical and social packages, medication adherence, indicators of improvement, death and well-being among others. But more importantly, they need to seek information about risk practises to reduce the spread of this virus because they are the main reservoir of the HIV virus and main source of transmission. This work explored the common available sources of information seeking processes to PLWHA and some risk reduction topics.

The study adopted a survey research design which was conducted among PLWHA attending outpatient departments from four tertiary health institutions South-West, Nigeria. The population of study was 24,455.The sample size was 452 chosen using critical incidents Technique. Questionnaire was used as data collection tools. 88% (397) was retrieved and analysed using SPSS 23version. The study found out a negative correlation (r = -.173, p<0.05)) between information seeking and risk practices. The study recommended the need to upgrade the knowledge of PLWHA about their sexual debuts and means of doing this.