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Fall 2-28-2019


This article examine the male and female Library and Information Science (LIS) professionals working in universities in Tamil Nadu. The study reveals that out of 441 respondents surveyed under the study, 73.7% (325) are male respondents and 26.3% (116) are female respondents. This study reveals that the male LIS professionals are very good and good at many skills while female LIS professionals are OK at many skills. The results of levene’s test for equality of variances along with descriptive statistics. The test reveals that the p-values for all the nine multiple intelligences are less than 0.05. So, null hypothesis i.e. there is no variation between the male and female respondents with regard to the respective intelligence, is rejected and alternative hypothesis is accepted. Since the population variances are relatively not equal, the research should look at the ‘Equal variances not assumed’ row for the t-test results. This study suggested the well groomed library professional good at many skills is an asset any institution he/she works in. His/her multiple intelligence skills may bring drastic changes and positive impacts both in the library landscape and library services.



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