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Spring 4-21-2019


This research purposed to in-depth analyzing about the existence of social media as promotional media in the hijab image revolution in Indonesia, to examine it’s cause and give the picture of hijab image in Indonesia. This research is conducted with qualitative approach and case study method. The result showed that social media increasingly exist in promoting Muslim fashion, because of the changed in Muslim consumers who are more religious but also more intense using social media. Hijab image revolution was encouraged by the communities and role models who emigrated (hijrah). Hijab image became diverse, characterized self identity, and the depth of the faith. Research concluded that the existence of social media has inspired Muslim women (Muslimah) in Indonesia to wear hijab,creating fashion trends powerfully, give an alternative in dressing, but also caused the shifts of the true meaning of hijab. This research affected the policy of Islamic product’s promotional creative content.