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In the most recent years of the twentieth century, the world and particularly India saw a wonderful and quick headway in data and correspondence advancements. In this time, "correspondence" has developed as the most well-known term. Today the correspondence upset has united individuals paying little heed to geological limits. The need to convey is a piece of an individual's inborn being. Since the very beginning mankind has imparted utilizing distinctive procedures and strategies. Conditions and accessible innovation have directed the technique and methods for correspondences. Subsequently, every once in a while new communication technologies have been developed for better individual and also for mass correspondence. With the approach of the printing innovation the new time of mass correspondence started. At that point the innovation of wireless communication came into existence – Radio was found. Afterward, the creation of Television had an enormous effect around the world. This study shows that most preferred use of social networking sites such as 34.9% respondents says Facebook, 7.4% respondents says twitter, 5.5% respondents says Linked in, 1.8% respondents says Pinterest, 3.7% respondents says Google+, 9.2% respondents says Instagram, 24.4% respondents says WhatsApp and 12.9% respondents says You tube. The study on the use of Social Networking sites by the University students' of Tamil Nadu conveys the existing pattern that there exists a held demeanor in the utilizing academic contents through Social Media for academic perfection. While 'Google' is an all around acknowledged medium for looking through all or any sort of data through Internet, there is a developing pattern of utilizing Social Media for specific data. Today, Social Media is the new Google where one can make separate group for detailed exchanges identifying with all fields of study. Social Media constructs a platform for one-on-one and one-to-many for pointed insights concerning the subject and to improve dominance over a subject. The prime consumers of the Social Media are students who approach boundless utilization for they have additional time and psyche to concentrate on their quest for knowledge.