Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Spring 2-3-2019


Advancement in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has led to an immense change in the format of resources and the structure of services of libraries worldwide. Academic libraries nowadays are seen to be collecting not only print resources but also non-print resources especially, electronic journals. In reality, electronic journals have turn out to be one of the most used technological developments in recent times. This study focused on determining the extent of awareness, access and use of electronic journals by the students of KsTU. The survey method was used with questionnaire as the major data collection instrument. A population of 1,057 was used for the study. The findings revealed that awareness was low and respondents emphasised on inadequate publicity of e-journals in the institution. It was also found that e-journals were under-utilized and unawareness was identified as the major factor for the low level of utilization. The study therefore, recommends awareness creation, more training on e-journals and improvement in infrastructure to enhance access and use of e-journals at KsTU and also to commensurate investments made in them.