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Summer 3-7-2019


ABSTRACT: Presents an analysis of the literature in the field of Spinal Cord Injury as indexed the MEDLINE database in the Pubmed for the period 2008 to the 2017. It is noticed that the total of 28303 records on the literature of Spinal Cord Injury is covered. It is also noticed that the maximum number of records was published during year 2017. It was observed that the Journal Article consists of 41.73% and other publication types with different percentages. English language forming 95.07% of the total and other languages follows with minimum records. The United States has contributed the highest number of records in the study. 29 primary journals grouped in zone-1 published 3941 journal articles, the second zone comprises of 238 journals published 4031 journal articles and 1790 journals grouped in the third zone published 3840 journal articles. Of the 29 Journals in zone-1, twelve journals are published in the United States and followed by other countries. In zone-1 & 2; out of 267 journals, 37.45% frequently cited journals are the United States and India contributed eight journals.



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