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Spring 4-10-2019


Smartphones are very important and wonderful communicative tools used by all age group people especially Young generation. Without smartphones, one feels incomplete and it has become the need of hour. It has brought a plethora of information resources within the palm of ones hand and has bridged the communication gap via social networking sites. People remain in touch and come to know every development in all walks of life within no time on social Media. The impact of Smartphones is visible in all areas of life including business, education, health, marketing, social life etc. But it is not out of place to mention here that every technology has its pros and cons within. It has also caused various health hazards and brought miseries to people especially children which include Eye strain, Neck and back pain, Hypertension, etc. The present study is an attempt to explore and examine the impact of Smartphones on the life of young generation. A web based literature survey was carried out to find the objectives of the study. Various scholarly databases were accessed to find the most authentic and qualitative information related to the study.