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Summer 5-1-2019


The role of public libraries in providing such goals is troublesome to contradict. Users are the most element of any library. The identification and fulfill of their needs and satisfaction are objectives any library. This paper mainly focuses on the services provided by Thiruvallur District Central Library and satisfaction level of those services from user’s perspective. It's conjointly facilitated the way to perform duties and serving the most effective doable way to satisfy their valuable users attaining their satisfaction level and by decreasing the world organization satisfactory parts of library. The study so simple a descriptive Survey and applied sampling technique over three hundred users of the library. The form used as a tool to gather data and 250 questionnaires were received from respondents out of 300 questionnaires distributed. It had been discovered by the study that the library is taking part in the main role at some extent. However several areas must be revised to fulfill the expectation and intellectual wants of society.