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Winter 2-19-2019


The study surveyed the availability and effective utilization of library resources in selected primary schools under the State Universal Basic Education Board -SUBEB in Atiba Local Government Area of Oyo State. The project aims at finding out the available learning resources, the services rendered in the libraries, the utilization of library resources, the problems facing the library staff and how to improve library resources and services in the local government.

The main instrument for the data collection was the questionnaire. One hundred and twenty (120) questionnaires were administered to pupils and teacher/librarian in the selected schools, one hundred and ten (110) were completed and returned. Descriptive statistical methods were used to analyze the collected data.

The findings indicated that library facilities and resources were inadequate and little attention was given to the provision of this by the government and the school authorities. Qualified library personnel were lacking which resulted in low quality service. Lack of fund and lack of awareness of library services by the users were also part of the problems facing the libraries, unconcerned attitude of people towards the library is also part of the problems.

To solve these, stakeholders in education, especially government and P.T.A. should provide functioning libraries in schools. This should be effectively funded and equipped with facilities, resources and personnel. There should be library user’s education in the schools, it should be included in the school’s time-table and lectures should be given from time to time.



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