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Summer 7-24-2019


This research aimed to in-depth analysis and provide solutions about the processes and forms of online relationship marketing e-commerce Islamic fashion. This study used qualitative approach with case study method. Evidence or data for research purposes came from documents, archival records, interviews, direct observation, participant observation, and physical devices. Data validity test conducted through several tests which included credibility, transferability, dependability, and confirmability test. Relationship marketing cannot be purely online, synergies between online and offline activities are needed to be more effective. Community has become the power of relationship marketing for Islamic fashion e-commerce in Indonesia. Programs conducted by community marketing and special events with inspirational themes. Besides customers, relationships are also conducted with tenants and clients. Search and share through social media is a tool for customers to disseminate company campaigns. Innovation is an important part of power marketing. Friendvertising, the concept that showed communication between forms of online social communities is very relevant. More for less economy is a new rules of the game: using assets as efficient and effective as possible to produce optimal added value for customers. This research is the first study about creative innovation relationship marketing Islamic fashion e-commerce that has unique and different market target characteristics from other e-commerce.



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