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Dear editor- in- chief, Journal of Library Philosophy and Practice Prof. Mary K. Bolin, Professor and Chair, Technical Services, University of Nebraska--Lincoln Libraries, Lincoln NE 68588-4100 I would like to submit our article about "Social Health and a Healthy Social life based on Wisdom and Intellectuality". I attach the manuscript for your consideration and I would like to know if the topics are interested for you. I would greatly thank you if you let me know your evaluation result and opinion about its publication chance in your Scopus indexed database, not just website. Because, I have noticed some of the articles which are published in the journal’s website are not indexed in Scopus. If you find the manuscript interesting please let me know what are the criteria for publishing articles in Scopus database, to enable me to make further improvement in writing and formatting and submit it for publication. Your prompt answer is highly appreciated. Best Regards Meisam Dastani Corresponding Author



Human kinds are social animals, and are pleased living together pleasantly and positively in mental and physical forms. Without positive living and to live in challenges and clashes is bad and catastrophic, but what’s the way out? One of the way that seems not so costly, with no war and seems that can direct and put the world in peace or in a good running order will be wisdom and intellectuality transfused by many scientific centers and the wise men, then we intended to survey the social health and a healthy social life based on wisdom and intellectuality to find a way out of that problems in our living world.

Methods: It is a survey and observational method. Some news agency, internet, mass and social media were also surveyed and observed to collect the data that was needed to be used.

Results: In 2018 about 140 top reports, broadcasted from around the world many of them unfortunately reported badly as negative and unpleasant ones from challenges and clashes between nations and the countries. The world also witnessed crises, protests, clashes, ups and downs such as Jamal Khoshaghji murder, Trump withdrawal from the agreement and France protest movement in the same year. About 8 years clashes, killing and baking children in Syria, Iraq territories and also mass killing of Rohingya civilians, gang rapes, and other sexual violence are other examples happened.

Conclusion: The results claimed that the world is in danger and should and must be freed of the faced problems and it is a global concern. Wise and intellectual thoughts and decisions should be taken and come to account to solve them. Improving human morality, social integrity, filling the gaps and human elements development such as social capital can and may be the way out.