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Libraries play a vital role in the promotion of education, training, research and other development programmes by providing wider and deeper access to information for social science researchers. Social science researchers are the end users of information, and hence, various resources have been devised to facilitate social science research outputs. The present study focuses on the level of awareness regarding library resources and facilities, frequency of use, the purpose of using the library services and facilities among the social science researchers of ISEC library, Bangalore. The study reveals that, the majority of the respondents are aware of library collections, such as Books (100%), National Journals (95.97%) and international journals (86.22%) etc., and with regard to library services, 89.12% of the respondents are aware of photocopy services provided by the library 85.55% of the respondents are aware of different reference services available in the library, while opining that these services are important for their research. The regression results show that in respect of researcher category, accessing index journals and thesis/dissertations is statistically significant. The findings of the study also show that the major purpose of using the library services and facilities on the part of researchers is to search for the most relevant information required for their research.



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