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Summer 8-14-2019


Information Communication and Technology (ICT) resources use has capacity to positively affect the field of education including the teaching/learning process. It was observed that information literacy skills can influence the use of ICT resources for teaching by private secondary school teachers. It was established that some secondary school teachers do not make adequate use of ICT resources for teaching. The study therefore, examined the influence of information literacy skills on utilization of ICT resources by private secondary school teachers in Ibadan North Local Government, Oyo State, Nigeria. Descriptive survey design was adopted and the study population consisted of 836 teachers from 34 private secondary schools in Ibadan North. The purposive sampling technique was used to select a sample of 220 respondents. Questionnaire was the instrument used for data collection. There was a positive significant relationship between teachers’ information literacy skills and utilization of ICT resources for effective teaching by private secondary school teachers (r =.263**; n = 205; df =204; p <0.01). The use of ICT resources has enabled secondary school teachers to have access to information materials in different format most especially Electronic Information Resources (EIRs) for teaching. In order for them to enjoy maximum benefit of ICT resources, there is a need for them to be continually trained on the acquisition of information literacy skills, how they can make use of their ICT resources to access different sources of information most especially EIRs, teachers should also be educated/enlightened on using ICT resources for lesson presentation/delivery.