Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Over the last decade, rapid reforms have been undertaken in the higher education sector such as policy framing, pedagogical transformations, accreditations, faculty standardisations and, most importantly, e-learning. Institutions, especially engineering colleges were quick and steady to admit the concepts of e-learning and its applications in the teaching and learning process. Online repositories and subscribed contents are no more an unfamiliar notion among the concerned users in engineering colleges. Though the majority of colleges are willing to embrace the new changes, academic circles are quite sceptic on the adequacy and suitability of infrastructural facilities available in the respective colleges. Many are concerned about the possible gap between the availability of e-resources and the mechanisms for effective accession and use of the e-content; for the teaching and learning process. This paper discusses on, the study conducted among the librarians of engineering college libraries in Kerala state, about the infrastructural support available for the accession and usage of e-resources.