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This research intends to study the status of scientific outputs, core journals in the fields of technical and engineering, and the scientific collaboration between Technical and Engineering Research Institutes of Iran Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in Tehran. Data were obtained from Scopus and WOS databases during 2011 and 2015.

This scientometrics research has been carried out by Social Network Analysis. The community is scientific products of 7 different institutes related to MSRT in Tehran. These data needed in this research…..were collected databases in November 2015. The analysis result indicates that Iran's Institute of Polymer and Petrochemicals ranked first and the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Institute ranked second in the field of high-profile authors. There are also more scientific productions with more than 3 researchers. In the terms of cohesion, nearly %26 of researchers have collaborated with each other. Based on the (SNA) indicators, NIGB is the most active institute in the formation of scientific networks of research and technical areas. It was also shown that the largest scientific production was in collaboration with the United States.

Subject field can be one of the factors of high scientific production of two IIPPI & NIGEG. The result showed that in scientific interactions, the trend of group work in TETRI is not effective enough. One of the reasons might be the attention to the basic topics of each discipline and the lack of attention to the solution of interdisciplinary issues. The NIGEG has a privileged position among other research institutes and has more power and influence in the network. The United States has been the focus of the researchers' attention, and this could be due to less obstacles in the country.



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