Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Summer 6-6-2019



National integration and national development are the important tools for the growth and existence of the nation. This cannot be possible without reliable and adequate information resources and services. One of the social institutions that responsible for the delivery of information resources and services are libraries. From the literature reviewed, the study showed that for library to easily achieve these goals, they need to tailored their collection and services toward Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which will help them to easily achieve these goals. The study also suggest different ways by which library could reposition their services to contribute to national integration and development. In doing this, the study revealed that libraries could encounter some challenges such as insufficient of funds, poor infrastructural facilities among others which they need to address. The study recommends that, federal government and parent institution of the library should allocate enough funds for the library to reposition and restructure their mode of operation for national integration and development. The paper concludes that libraries will contribute greatly towards the achievement of national integration and development if they are able to reposition their services toward the national integration and national development.