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Winter 12-1-2019


Entrepreneurship can be an indicator of the development of a country. Unfortunately, in Indonesia the number of entrepreneurs is still low. So, it needs to be efforts to optimize various fields that are integrated with entrepreneurship. One of the aspect is education that closely related to scientific research. The existence of indexing portal for scientific publications such as the Garuda portal, which optimizes the progress of information technology can help researchers not only in the academic world, the general public can obtain various data that can be used as a basis for developing programs as a solutive form of problems in society. This research was conducted to find out how the Trend of Entrepreneurial Research Development Published by the Garuda Indexing Agency. The method used in this research is descriptive method with inductive data analysis. Literature study is used as a method of collecting data sourced from books, journals, and electronic scientific articles that are relevant to the research topic, which is about the development trend of research on entrepreneurship. The results of this study show that keywords and words that are connected with entrepreneurship in the title of publication in the Garuda index indexing institution continue to increase. This can be a positive signal for future research on entrepreneurship. Especially should be integrated with the field of education because the research results show the words "education" and "students" appear as words that are often associated with entrepreneurship. This shows the need to optimize entrepreneurship through the educational aspect.