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Winter 11-1-2019


The high number of maternal and infant mortalities encourages the government to solve the issuecollaboratively. The program of expanding maternal and neonatal survival initiate the collaboration among society organizations that concern onmaternal and infant health through civil (madani) society forum. This research aims to comprehend the communication efforts carried outby civil society forum indecreasingthe maternal and infant mortality rate. This research usesa qualitative method of research with case study approach. The correspondents of this research are Head of the Family Health Section of Public Health Office in Karawang Regency (Dinas Kesehatan Kabutapan Karawang), Chief of Civil Society Forum, and the members of Civil Society Forum which consist of Aisiyah Muhamadiyah, officers of district social welfare, and health cadres. This research findsthat the communication approach done by the civil society forum is a persuasive approach coordinating with health government institution through workgroups for mothers and infants rescue, socializing emergencies through mini-workshop and monthly recitation in villages, and supervising the performance of health officers in Society Health Center (Puskesmas) and Regional Public Hospital of Karawang Regency (RSUD Karawang). This research recommends thatpolicymakersshouldpay attention to non-formal society activitiesand incorporate itin the policy-making processand involve society in government’s agenda as a way to implement programs which do not only orient to formality but also to fulfillsociety’s needs.