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Fall 11-13-2019


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It is mere information that attracts readers to the library. The present examination targets portraying the information looking for example understudies of Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli. Students were qualified by convenience sampling method for the study. The examination uncovers that: Majority of the respondents are in 20-24 years age gathering. Week by week Visit' (59.1%) is the most sort out time utilized library period. 41.8% of respondents visit the library for getting subjective data. Lending area 71.9% are the most visited segments of the library. 44.8% can use OPAC for searching information. The newspaper section is also a hotspot for getting regular updates among 28.6% users followed by internet with 23.9%irespondents.iBooks are the most favored channels of data for 34.7% as a source to collect relevant information. A dominant part of the respondents is satisfied with the lighting and seating arrangements in the library. 91.8% of respondents are satisfied with the library administrations. A detailed study on the usage pattern and behavior of respondents along with certain suggestions have been indicated to improve the library services further.



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