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Boar hunter for Minangkabau ethnic in Indonesia is a tradition. The goal of boar hunting is to repel boar pests that damage residents’ plantation. However, as time goes by, boar-hunting activities at this time become a media to channel hobbies and are considered as a tradition to increase the existence of men in Minangkabau. Each hunter usually carries two until three hounds. Boar hunters are people who risk exposure to rabies. This research is based on social action theory and phenomenological theory. The tradition of boar hunting by Minangkabau ethnic in PORBI Tuah Saiyo in Pekanbaru contains values of local wisdom. It is not used as a conflict trigger between ethnics or different ethnicities. As for the rabies risk, boar hunters interpret it as a danger or threat. Boar hunters prefer to kill their hound if the symptoms of rabies are seen rather than anticipating through giving a vaccine.