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This study aims to represent bibliometric analysis of the journal Annals of Library and Information Studies (ALIS) during 2008 to 2018. Under this study period, total number of 377 articles contributed by 723 authors published within 11 volumes and 44 issues. On average 34.27 articles published every year and researchers all over the world received total number of 3,346 citations (8.88 on average) from different reputed journals. The contributors used 7,241 references (journals 63.43%; web resources 12.35%; books 12.32%; conferences 4.81% and so on) for their research work. The authors from India published maximum number of articles (62.86%), this is followed by Nigeria (15.65%), Sri Lanka (5.04%), Bangladesh (4.51%), Iran (2.92%) and so on. The most productive author was B. K. Sen, published 26 articles and institution was CSIR-NISTADS which published 52 articles (22.51%) in this study periods. We have also calculated measures of authorship with regard to Degree of Collaboration (DC), Collaborative Index (CI) and Collaborative Coefficient (CC).