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Original research paper


Geographic map is an inevitable and indispensible in the geographic environment. It consists of lot of features in global environment. This concept is being applied in bibliographic search environment. Koha is a popular open source software in integrated library management and retrieval system. It is based on LAMP archietecture in open source environment. Generally Koha gives the bibliographic search facilities of different facets such as author, title, subject, and other related areas. But this paper has discussed the map based search facilities in Koha OPAC in geographic search environment. Users can easily be idientified the documents relating to different countries and this can be achieved by a single click on the map option in cluster. This is very user-friendly where users have easily search their relevant documents in a little bit of time. This can saved the time of the reader. This interface is developed by using the open source online tool geobatch and Koha ILS software for easy integration and provides better user centric search interface in modern library environment.



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