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Library users opinion about library professional staff help to users in university library: a study in deemed to be university libraries, Andhra Pradesh, India. In this study distributed 1164 questionnaires to library users and received 1030 responses, the response rate is 88%. The study revealed that the response rate among the faculty fluctuated between 71 and 100, among the research scholars it ranged between 68 and 91 percent and among Post Graduate students it varied between 84 and 95 percent. It is clearly evident from the responses of users that majority of them visited the library for borrowing library books. The study found that regarding the preparedness and readiness of library staff to respond to users questions, it is noticed that majority of them have somewhat agreed to the statement. It is found that majority of respondents some what agreed that library staff have required as well as latest knowledge to answer user queries. The study found that majority of respondents respond as somewhat effective about staff help to users in university library. The study suggested that library staff should be proactive towards library users and help the users in solving the problems related to seeking and using the information in an effective manner. Libraries surveyed should strengthen the features of their websites to where navigation becomes easy and direct.