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Library satisfaction survey is conducted on a regular basis to determine the strengths and weaknesses of its services and collections. It is believed that the result becomes baselines in the planning of library activities to include collection development programs, orientation programs, and promotional enhancements. Specifically, this survey made use of 5 Likert scales to determine the satisfaction level of the library patrons particularly in Maritime Academy. All faculty and students were encouraged to participate in the survey through an online link. Data was collected a week after and generated a total of 587 responses. The survey intends to know the satisfaction level of its patrons with the different type of collections, the organization of materials, facilities, personnel, and services the library has to offer. Further, the survey explored the information need of its patrons for the academic year 2016-2017. Results showed that the library patrons, from faculty, staff, and students are extremely satisfied with the library and its services. The library collection has a weighted average of 4.40 which verbally indicates that the library users are very satisfied. The organization of materials and the library personnel have a weighted average of 4.58 and 4.63 respectively which indicates that the users are extremely satisfied. Finally, the users expressed that they are extremely satisfied with the physical facilities of the library as evident by a weighted average of 4.52.

Overall, it is gratifying to learn from this survey that most of the services and collections are satisfying to both the faculty and maritime students as library patrons.