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In the last few decades the relationship between good governance and national development has attracted keen global attention. The emergence of information as a vital factor of production in the knowledge economy has added a new dimension to it. This paper therefore aims at exploring the intrinsic nexus between good governance, information dissemination and national development. Relying on descriptive methods based on relevant literatures and empirical facts, the paper enumerated some inextricable indices of good governance, espouses its importance and the impetus information dissemination provides for national development. The paper clearly explained the notion of good governance in the context of the Nigerian milieu and links it with how information dissemination using the library as a platform can promote it in order to deliver national development. The paper provided evidence from around the world of the nexus between the three variables under examination. It revealed that Nigeria is yet to comply with the inextricable indices of good governance due to lack of committed leadership. The paper recommended amongst others that political leaders and institutions in the country must begin to show better and genuine commitment to policy implementation, and do more, faster and in quantum too to deliver good governance; fidelity of governance is ensured if there is flow of information between the governor and the governed; the library as a custodian of information can play its designated role in advancing national development if given proper attention in terms of investments; national development is achieved when all the ingredients of good governance are present in a society. The paper is segmented to include introduction, problem statement, contextual discourse and conclusion.



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