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This paper presents results of a survey conducted to investigate the level of satisfaction of Maasai Mara University (MMARAU) library user’s towards university library services. The study adopted survey research design and questionnaires was used for data collection. From the results, library users perceive the quality of library services to be above average. MMARAU main library was most used as compared to formally town campus with 93.85% (166) and 5.6% (10) respectively. Majority of library users were undergraduate students from the School of Education. The findings showed that MMARAU have few international students. Most of the library users frequently used the library for at least two to four days in a week preferably using print books for study, research, teaching and assignments. Library staff customer care stated include: good provision of accurate answers to enquires, excellent staff approachability, excellent staff availability, no discrimination for provision of library services and library users. Generally, the library has a conducive learning environment with average print and electronic information resources. The library website, facebook, local area network, internet access and wireless internet access were fairly available. The study concluded that, MMARAU library staffs have excellent customer care, print books are exhaustively used, and the library users are satisfied with the services except few electronic services with a representation of 14.7% (26). The study recommended that MMARAU library to develop an information literacy policy and equip digital library with more computers and expand wireless connectivity for exhaustive use of electronic resources.