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Winter 12-21-2019

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Memory is the process of maintaining information overtime. It is the mean through which human experiences are codified in brain and retrieved and utilized at the need. There are various models of memory put forwarded by different theorist. The Atkinson-Shiffrin model (also known as multi store model) is a prominent model, which asserts that human memory has three stages, which are sensory registry stage, short term memory stage and long term memory stage. Some of the information in the short term memory is transferred to long term memory store. The transfer of information from short term to long term memory is based on the rehearsal given to the particular information. The strength of long term memory trace in the brain is directly related to amount of rehearsal given in the short term store. Information and communication technology and its tools have simplified human life to a great extent. But the dependence on ICT and its tools may have some unhealthy impact on our life. The accessibility to World Wide Web has deeply influenced the way we seek information. The study tries find out whether Google effect has direct influence on long term human memory. The study is based on the primary data collected from the youth of Kerala. The findings show that Google effect has a direct influence on Long term Memory.