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This paper was earlier published as part of an article " An ICT enabled paradigm shift in Pakistani libraries" in a book in 2010


Traditionally libraries have been dealing with the recorded knowledge. The changes in the formats of writing and access have historically influenced the libraries use of technologies. However, the wonderful invention of computer and information access technologies has drastically influenced recording, organization and access to knowledge. Since then the libraries are in a continued change mood. The shifts from physical to virtual, direct access to authors and instant access to globally available knowledge from remote locations are changing the whole scenario of the library profession. Academic libraries being in the forefront of the creation and use of scholarship and knowledge are confronting the innovations influenced by the disruptive technologies. These technologies have impacted library practices significantly. This study is an effort to trace what has happened in the developed world in terms of information and communication technology applications in their libraries & their user expectations, and where we stand in this global phenomenon.