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The study is an attempt to identify the bibliometric facets of Free Google Books like collection size, authorship patterns, time-series, and publishing bodies on ‘Peace’ and ‘War’. The Google Book archive was searched using two search terms ‘Peace’ and ‘War’ in advanced search mode. The search was executed on free Google books during the month of January 2019. Bibliographical details of all the hits (results) retrieved were collected, tabulated, analyzed and interpreted to reveal results. Google Books retrieved 566 e-books on ‘Peace’ out of these, 173 (30.56%) e-books are available in full view whereas 517 e-books were available on “War” out of these 193 (37.33%) e-books are available in full view. The majority of books published during the 19th century are archived by the Google as these were free from the copyright restrictions. Large numbers of Google Books are written by single authors on War (153, 79.24) as well as on Peace (116, 67.05). However, corporate bodies have also contributed significantly in Peace publications (19, 10.98) as well. All sorts of publishers’ commercial, governmental, non-profit societies and even individual publishers including authors have contributed to publishing activities on Peace and War. A good number of books on Peace (171) and War (174) aren’t reviewed by users and till date, only 21 books have been reviewed by users. Among the reviewed books, almost 50% of the books on Peace and War have received 5-star ranking.