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The use of social media is becoming demanding to librarians in performing their services to the Net generation users. Therefore, the paper investigates the use of social media in performing library services in Nigeria. Survey research method was adopted. The sample for this study consists of 85 library personnel. Three (3) research questions and hypothesis guided the study. And structured questionnaire was used to collect data among library personnel who attended the 2019 National Conference/AGM of National Library Association in Delta State. The study reveals that the respondents mostly use Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter. The study shows that most of the librarians use social media in promoting and marketing library news and how to use library resources & services. The study finds out that Inadequate training opportunities, slow speed of internet and considerable time required to maintain an active social media presence were the major challenges to library personnel. The study shows that there is a significant relationship between the use of social media and performance of library services. Also, the study reveals that there is no significant relationship between the use of social media among male and female library personnel. And there is a significant relationship between age of library personnel and their use of social media.



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