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This paper about the scientometrics study of Vertigo. Data retrieved from Web of science maintain by Clarivate Analytics. Vertigo is basically a sense of spinning and Dizziness. It comes under Library and Information science


The study examines world publications on Vertigo research during 2001-2017, Scientometrics techniques are engaged to analyze the publications to identify the trend in publication. The total 7459 articles were taken up for study from Web of Science, a bibliographical and citation database offered by Clarivate Analytics which provides access to quality content. The articles pertaining to the area of vertigo and similar studies i.e. dizziness, Meniere’s disease, BBPV and related problems also includes. The result showed that the highest records 685 were published in 2015 and lowest 231 of records were published in 2002. Among all the listed sources ‘Article’ taken the first position with 6,036 records. The study also found that Cohe B. is active author, contributed above 134 numbers of articles has occupied the first position. The University of Munich was the top most contributed institution on Vertigo research with 266 records from Germany. In present study, Relative Growth Rate and Doubling Time also calculated.