Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The studies examine the computer self-efficacy of librarians and use of information communication technology for service delivery in three public universities in Ogun State, Nigeria. The main objective of the study is to identity the various types of information communication technology (ICT) facilities used to deliver library services to the community of users as well as to examine the level of computer self-efficacy of academic librarians in the use of ICT tools to deliver library services. The study equally examines the factors militating against the effective utilization of ICT in service delivery. The Descriptive survey research design was adopted for this study, while questionnaire was the instrument for data collection. The population of the study comprised of sixty (60) academic librarians in the three public universities of which fifty-one questionnaires were returned and valid for analyzing. Descriptive statistic tools such as simple percentage, tables were used in analyzing the data. The result revealed that ICT facilities such as printer, photocopy machine, computer system among others were available and used to deliver services like circulation services, access to electronic resources, email services among others. the computer self-efficacy of academic librarians is at moderate level while the major challenges were inadequate funding, erratic power supply, and low band width. Therefore, recommendations were made among which are that the university management should increase the funding of the library effective service delivery while academic librarians should put in more effect at improving their level of computer self-efficacy through capacity building.



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