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Spring 4-26-2020


On May 11, 2018, Mount Merapi in Indonesia erupted suddenly and then followed by three eruptions on May 21, 2018. The Department of Research and Development on Technology for Geological Disaster (BPPTKG), a governmental body for disaster and geological research, calls it as a phreatic or minor eruption. BPPTKG the announced the warning status of Mount Merapi as “Caution” . Even though the eruption was not dangerous, yet it still scared the people. BPPTKG then created Media Center to provide information for the people regarding the phreatic eruption in 2018. The methodology used was study case with BPPTKG’s Media Center as the research object, while the data collection techniques were interview and observation. The conclusions of this research were: first, the use of new media in spreading information about disaster risk reduction is faster, more precise and accurate; second, it is very important to spread and provide information regarding disaster risk reduction to the people according to the target audience and adjusting it with different media’s characteristics; third, the challenge in the management of disaster risk reduction the processing of complex numerical data into information in a language that can be easily understood by the people. The purpose is to let the people, rescue department and stakeholders to understand the information easily and to provide recommendations for the disaster risk reduction; fourth, through the role of Clearing House and Buzzer, BPPTKG’s Media Center is able to monitor the circulation of information and messages, especially in dealing with rumor and hoax. Fifth, Volcano literacy or called as “Literasi Merapi” is a product of information owned by BPPTKG’s Media Center. Literasi Merapi is one way to improve the understanding about volcano phenomena, especially Mount Merapi, as a part of information-based disaster risk reduction methods.



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