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Spring 6-1-2020




Research in the field of Asthma has become very essential, thus the purpose of the study was to map and analyse the trends by using scientometric tools to the Asthma literature published between 2010 and 2019.


Scientometric method was used to know categories, publications, funding agencies, authors, international collaboration and web of science prolific journals in the field of Asthma. Further we used MS-Excel for the purpose of date analysis, collaboration networks have been generated by using VOSviewer softwarae.


1,555 Scientific articles published in the field of Asthma between 2010 and 2019. There was exponential growth in publication output, further respiratory system and immunology category share highest publication output and h-index respectively. United States of America contributed largest publication share. CSIR came out by contributing highest publication and also stand as top funding agency. Scientometric analysis showed that most collaborative countries were United States of America, England, and Australia so on.


This study first holistic scientometric analysis of production literature concerning Asthma disease, which may help scholars to understand India’s collaboration with international top countries on Asthma research.