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A survey


The study was an empirical study aimed at investigating the impact of effective time management counseling on academic adjustment of deviant student-librarians in Nigerian universities. Two research questions were posed as a guide for the study while one null hypothesis was formulated and tested. The study used a quasi-experimental research design involving on group one group pre-test and post-test design. A sampled population of 60 students was drawn for the study through purposive sampling technique while the questionnaire formed the major instrument used in collecting data for the study. The face validity and reliability of the instrument were established and using the Cronbach alpha, the instrument consistency was estimated and a reliability level of 0.76 obtained. The data collected for the study were analyzed using mean scores and the only hypothesis tested using t-test. The findings reveal that the student- librarians (participants) manifested high level of academic maladjustment before treatment but manifested high level of academic adjustment after treatment. Furthermore, the outcome of the study did not provide enough evidence as to concluding that that gender influenced the post-test mean scores of the participants in the treatment group. In line with the data collected and analyzed, it was inferred that time management counseling is effective in transforming the deviant student-librarians in Nigerian universities. It was based on the findings that recommendations were made.



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