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Winter 11-20-2020




This study aims to explore the gender disparity in Computer usage for teaching and learning among Indian academics. A total of 2463 samples were selected from 11 state universities in Karnataka, India. A well designed questionnaire was used to collect the data from the respondents. The result shows that, half of the male (50.2%) and female (49.8%) respondents used computer. Further, most of the male respondents used computer every day (58.0%) compared to female (42.0%) respondents. The present study found that majority of the respondents used computer for the research purpose (Male=55.6%, female=44.4%), followed by to read the e-books/e-journals, (Male=54.7%, female=45.3%) to prepare notes, to access Internet (Male=50.6%, female=49.4%), to prepare presentation slides (Male=50.1%, female=49.9%), to prepare class assignments (Male=49.1%, female=50.9%) and to improve typing skills (Male=51.8%, female=48.2%) and also to prepare project reports (Male=48.4%, female=51.6%).