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Objective - The purpose of this article is to analyze the top work areas and patent domains in the field of surface hardening by micro-arc oxidation. Also, it is directed on the opportunities of data analysis by different machine learning tools. Material and methods - The database is used to collect articles from Elsevier, Trans tech publications, Springer New York, MDPI, etc. to review the relevant articles as well as patents related to the topic. The result - A total of 1057 articles were published in 60 different journals and 756 patents in the area of research under various jurisdictions. The top-cited article has 119 scholarly articles citations as well as 19 cited patents. The machine learning analysis is implemented at the testing level for image evaluation in a few articles and to the parameter monitoring of the process in other few articles. The present analysis provides the trend in the area of Plasma Electrolytic Micro-oxidation (PEMO)coating and areas of patentability.