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The goal of this study is describe how public libraries in Iranian cultural centers use of information technologies to developing its services. In this research paper, a structured questionnaire was used to collect data in 80 public libraries. Descriptive statistics method and Excel 2007 was used to analyzed data. In this study, libraries used of exit information technology in acceptable range but use of non-printed resources such as electronic and digital are weakness and only 12.5 percent of libraries contain this material. Librarian’s skills are suitable for used of IT in public and technical services but users need to necessary training for use of this facilities. The results of the present study show that information technologies facilities of all public libraries affiliated to the Art and Cultural Organization of Tehran Municipality are in desirable condition. Librarians and administrators also have full satisfaction of their libraries being equipped with new technologies. The interesting point in this context is to conform the nature and form of the provision of services in public libraries to the needs of users in different categories of sex, age and education.



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