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Winter 1-19-2021


The prime objective of this research paper is to explore usage of electronic resources and services by the students and research scholar with special reference to NIFT, Bhubaneswar. A printed version of 130 structured questionnaires were distributed randomly among the selected samples of National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bhubaneswar with respects to students and researcher to get relevant data and 101 filled in questionnaires were received and analyzed. To investigate information on frequency of using of e-resources and overall satisfaction on e-resources, simple frequency was carried out. The response rate was 101(77.69%). The outcome from the analysis shows that the students and researcher were highly satisfied with the use of e-resources. In particular, present study emphasis about the purpose of the visit, time spent in the library by the students, usage of Internet and Electronic Resources and level of satisfaction of users. On the basic of findings, some suggestions have been included in this study to increase users for use e-resources.