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Aim: The present study aims is to evaluate the research productivity of Pakistani Library Information Science (LIS) authors produced during the year 2019.

Methodology: The retrospective study technique was used to extract the dataset on LIS literature produced by Pakistani authors, from different online and print sources. The bibliographic information was inserted in Microsoft Excel-2016 for data analysis. The findings of the data have been presented in 3 tables and 2 figures.

Results: Pakistani LIS authors produced 154 documents, and the majority of the documents (n=97; 63%) were published in international journals and 37% of the documents were published inside of the country. Dr. Kanwal Ameen and Department of Information Management, University of the Punjab, Lahore emerged as the most productive author and most prolific institution with 13 and 46 documents respectively. The examination of the authorship pattern revealed that more than one-third (n=59; 38.31%) of the total documents followed the two-author pattern. Pakistan Library & Information Science Journal (n=35; 22.72%) was found a favorite channel of communication, followed by Library Philosophy and Practice (n=25; 16.23%). The research has been conducted on multiple topics, the majority of documents were found on the subject categories of bibliometrics, social media and information seeking behavior.

Conclusion: The launching of LIS doctorate programs and the provision of electronic resources through the National Digital Library of Higher Education Commission in Pakistani universities have a positive impact on the publication growth. There is a need to motivate the practicing information professionals that they should come forward to participate in the research process to improve LIS services.