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The article investigated the use of serial publications in Adeyemi College of Education Library, Ondo, by the academic staff of the School of Arts and Social Sciences. Questionnaire was the main instrument of collecting data from the respondents. Also, complete enumeration sampling method was used. Out of the 49 questionnaires administered, 30 (61.2%) were returned and found useful for analysis. The study found that 20(66.7%) used the serial section of the Library while 10 (33.3%) did not. Also, 12 (6.6. %), 6(20%) and 12 (40%) used the section very often, often and rarely, respectively. It was inferred from the result that those that were not using the section did so because of the notion that there is non-availability of new journals in their areas of interest. It was recommended that the serial section should send list of recent journals and photocopies of contents’ table to relevant departments to improve the use of the section.