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Ultrasonic vibration-assisted turning (UVAT) is a new crossover in machining techniques which uses high frequency, low amplitude sound waves which are further superimposed on the cutting tool in traditional turning. This innovative technology is being utilized over the decades due to its conspicuous influence contrasted with traditional approach particularly in turning of hard-to-machine materials. This present paper analyses the past explores in the arena of ultrasonic vibration-assisted turning, by a far-reaching bibliometric investigation. The analysis is carried out by scrutinizing the studies through Science Direct and Scopus database to select the peer-reviewed papers. The advanced research tools like the word cloud and global heat map have additionally been utilized for introducing the investigation deliberately. The quantum of exploration is restricted yet a growing trend is seen since from the year 2018. From the information base of Science Direct and Scopus, it is perceived that the publications on ultrasonic vibration-assisted turning are 90 and 221 respectively. The study uncovered that the maximum publications of ultrasonic vibration turning are in journal articles from the subject area of an engineering stream. The Chinese lead the number of publications followed by Iran and the United Kingdom. The paper summarises that this research field is recent and more exploration is required in the domain of hard turning using ultrasonic vibration assisted turning.



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