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The study analyses the research paper on the publications of Web 2.0 during 2000-2019 and total no. 7123 publications recorded over the period of study. A maximum 825 (12.08%) of the publications appeared in 2016, followed by 793(11.61%),745(10.91%), and 730(10.69%) of the publications that appeared in the year 2015,2017 and 2018. Relative Growth Rate (RGR) and Doubling Time (Dt) of the publications on Web 2.0 global data during 2000-2019. The analysis made on the records based on Web of Science (WoS). The majority of 5743 (84.12%) of the publications appeared in Journals. The study dictates that the majority 134 (1.96%) of the publications contributed by the researchers from the University of California systems. Zhang Y was the top author has contributed 16(0.23%) of the publications in the field of Web 2.0, subsequently, Kolt GS, Li Q, Vandelantte C, Zhang J, the publications equally appears 13(0.19%) of the publications. The USA has the highest Domestic and International collaborative papers 840 and 905 respectively out of 1745 publications whereas, the Domestic and International Collaborative Index 1.43 and 1.38 respectively.