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Modern library provides better information services with the help of new tools and techniques. Search mechanisms are very important in automated and digital library systems to perform the different tasks and activities. If the library and educational society has implemented and integrated the concepts of web scale discovery systems. So, the problems are (i) how to implement and configure the web scale search parameters ? (ii) how to integrate with different external databases ? Now, these are the major problems, and these can be solved using the bento box search parameter with the help of VuFind for providing a web scale library discovery system. It has explored the common access window where users can easily access the multiple resources from different databases such as (i) Library Catalogue (ii) Library Resources (iii) Website (iv) Authority Control. These are the major areas in this research paper. It is possible to create bento box search or combined search interface by applying different steps and processes with the help of VuFind discovery tool. Overall, most of the libraries and users are very much benefitted with the help of bento box search windows. Apart from these it has also given some extra and additional facilities such as grid, visual, and geographic search towards web scale discovery systems and services.