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This study ascertained the extent to which improving literacy provisions can help ameliorate national security challenges in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. The study was guided by three specific purposes, three research questions and three corresponding null hypotheses. The population for the study comprised 3,035 respondents. Stratified proportionate sampling technique was used to select 749 respondents comprising 130 CBMC members, 427 adult literacy facilitators and 192 adult learners used as the sample for the study. The instrument for data collection was researchers-structured questionnaire titled “Improving Literacy Provisions for National Security Questionnaire” (ILPNSQ). The instrument was validated by three experts while its overall reliability co-efficient of .84 determined using Cronbach Alpha method was an indication that it was highly reliable. The data collected from the research questions were answered using mean and standard deviation while ANOVA statistic was used to test the formulated hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. The findings from the study revealed that improving literacy provisions will promote human, political and socio-economic security of the individual and her society in general. It revealed amongst others that improving literacy provisions will engender inclusiveness in national issues, individual inalienable rights to learning irrespective of age, access to social justice for peaceful co-existence, equality of all individuals in national issues, opportunities for every citizen to maximize his/her potentials and a level playing ground for civil societies to partner government in tackling national development issues. Based on the findings, it was recommended amongst others that government at all levels (Federal, State and Local) should show more commitments through adequate budgetary allocation to education and literacy in particular as a necessary foundation for promoting positive democratic values needed in fostering national security and development.