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This is very important considering that their daily lives are inseparable from gadgets, especially for Z generation children. The generation born in the early 2000s, namely the Z-generation, is a generation born at a time when technology is so rapidly developing and the beginning of the emergence and development of social media the passion of all generations. Psychologically, this condition makes this Z-generation to have its own personality, psyche and character which is different from previous generations who do not have the postmodern environment setting. It is certainly impossible to educate them with the same educational methods as conventional educational media. For Z-generation their world has become two realms of the world, namely the real world and the virtual world, their virtual world has been set up the same as the real world, there they play, joke, learn, gather, this situation which sometimes makes the portion of their virtual world far away. The purpose of this study was to determine the urgency of students' digital literacy and provide insights related to information retrieval to support classroom learning, especially Islamic religious education. This research is a qualitative research using descriptive analysis techniques with library research. The results of this study reveal that social media is a medium of Islamic religious learning that is relevant in educating Z-generation. The use of social media as a learning medium and student supervision is the right step considering that the Z-generation is actually very familiar with social media, even the portion of their virtual world is sometimes bigger than the portion of their real world.