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The research was conducted to determine the relevance of the information literacy skills of Lahore University of Management Sciences graduate students (LUMS). A convenient sampling technique was used to collect the required data from the population. A sample of 357 students was selected, and the useable response rate was 82%. Results of the study revealed that the majority 51 %, were aware of the IL "Somehow" concept of information literacy. Similarly, majority 86% of the participant had not received any training on information literacy. The findings also showed that 49% of the majority of students found the IL program "very important." Similarly, 36% agreed that the IL program is "significant" However, a major part of the respondents considered the information literacy program as an important program to meet their research skills as well as academic need. The findings revealed that the majority of students are conscious of the information and its relevance for their academic achievements. These results may be carried out in other universities with the same method, strategies, and environments of teaching and learning.

Keywords: Information Literacy; Skills; importance; LUMS University; Pakistan