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Aim of the research: This is a retrospective and quantitative study to evaluate the productivity of research on job performance and aspects of subject to administration and business community through the literature produced and published in journals enlisted Scopus-Elsevier database from 2000 - 2019.

Methods/Approach: The material for this study download in coma-separated value (CSV) with a note-paid file to store and tabulated in MS Excel for examination. The frequency of publications, types, and language of documents, total participation and affiliation of authors with their countries, and classification of the Published data were set as objectives.

Results: Total 1721 documents downloaded to investigate, 1686 documents existing on 11 academic formats, covers six disciplines, written in twelve languages by 4311 authors affiliated with 86 countries included to an examination of the subjects reflect as a topic of job performance from 2000 - 2019.

Conclusion: This study reflects that the discipline of job performance's sensitivity took importance in the academic world of business situated in the developed world to under-developed countries to change the business scenario.