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This study is aimed at analysing the research productivity of the University of Jammu for a period of ten years during 2010-2019. A total of 1641 papers were retrieved from Incites database during the covered period of 10 years. These papers were analysed using different bibliometric techniques for studying the research productivity in different parameters such as publication growth pattern, mode of publications, citation pattern, prolific authors, preferred journals, authorship pattern, collaboration pattern, etc. The results revealed that there is continuous growth in publication productivity, and most of the output is published in the form of journal articles. The published papers of 2013 received the maximum number of citations, and average citation received per paper is 19.62. Physical Review Letter B is one of the most preferred journals to publish the papers by authors of the University of Jammu. The study also indicates that most of the research papers are contributed in collaboration, and national as well as international agencies fund research projects of University.