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More than traditional learning methodology, the present generation focuses on smart learning technology. We can use social media for many purposes but, communication and learning should be the primary purpose. Many open educational resources are already available in social media in different formats like audio, visual, Text, etc. This research aims to characterize the researcher’s essential quality; how the use of open educational resources and the challenges faced through social/digital media have influenced their future research. The 350 research scholars from the state universities of Tamil Nadu have participated in this study, and they have been practice OER. The respondents said that they had a solution to their problems in everyday life on social media. Researchers have been promoting that social networking sites are better than causal websites for collecting resources. Researchers have pointed out that the quality of audio and video of open educational resources on the social network is better than websites. Practising OER has little impact on my learning outcome. For this research, a quantitative survey method used, and SPSS software used for analysis. The results have been calculated and analyzed by frequency, percentage, and descriptive analysis tabulation. Experimental studies will be upcoming studies by establishing open educational practices in social media platforms.

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